Sandy Hook Massacre

Once again the Sandy Hook massacre is brought back into the news by another sick individual. This time Lucy Richards, a Tampa Florida woman is arrested for making death threats against one of the shooting victims parents.Richards has been indicted by the Florida Dept of Justice on four counts of death threats.

It was on December 14, 2012 when a shooter murdered 20 defenseless little children and six adults in the Newtown, Connecticut school.

Still, to this day, Alex Jones of INFOWARS spreads lies that the Sandy Hook massacre was a deliberate hoax. Jones is your typical Fake News Story kinda guy who feeds his mindless followers with enough bullshit to fill a Jim Jones koolaid filled barrel 10 times over.

It was no hoax. It is a fact. -JRoycroft

Twitter urinal has been flushed!

Well I did it .  After 5 years I finally flushed the Twitter urinal cleaning out another of my personal social media garbage cans. I do however still have one for this blog that I rarely use.

As I stated in my last post, I’ve dumped Facebook and man was that a stress reliever. If only I could convince my dear wife to do the same, she could free herself of all the fake news, lies, misinformation, grief and ignorance permeating her news feed daily.

So what I’m left with is my Instagram, which I only use to post my photography, and without politics I might add, and of course here on my blog where I get to vent and share opinions.

Blogging has always been a good outlet for stress relief and having a good time picking on people, especially those that are on the opposite side politically. I remember in particular those Sandy Hook conspiracy nuts, which are back in the news today. You wanna talk about some really stupid people, that conspiracy bunch is full of more shit than a Christmas turkey, which also means that I get to once again pick on the bottom of that food chain in an upcoming post. -JRoycroft

Twitter…Should I Dump it or wait?

I’ve had a Twitter account now for several years and it’s become just another Facebook equivalent urinal for hate, which I dumped a while back being one of the single most useless pieces of garbage on the internet.

Now, thanks to a presidential election, I have put Twitter into the same category as it has also erupted into one big urinal of hateful insults from both the left and right.  Even worse now than when Obama came into office.

I can’t say that I am surprised that most of the hate is coming from the very same people who claim to support a diverse society, except when they lose and face the reality of being told no, that being the liberals and Democrats.

For the past eight years we have been told who we can or cannot choose to bake a cake for or who we can or cannot photograph, even though you are a privately owned business. Now that Donald Trump has been elected, the same bunch is telling us NO, you cannot elect that man.  Well guess what… We the people did and you lost practically your entire Democrat party.  We said NO to your continued destruction and your insensitivity and now we are left with the task of overturning your abject failures.

Politically motivated hate groups like the LGBT, Black Lives Matter, etc. have successfully used the courts to push their agendas by limiting the rights of private citizens and punishing them for not being like-minded believers in their own causes.  They will always rely on labeling their targets as “racists” or whatever other pop hit word fits their agenda.  Never does the word racist ever fit the true definition which proves the ignorance of those tossing it around.  Words have meaning.

Now that the election has turned against those people their true colors come out.  They themselves are shown to be truly more insensitive and bigoted as those they turned the courts against. All because their corrupt candidate lost.

On Twitter, upon realizing that Trump had won the election the hate began to spew. Hate like I have never seen before in my lifetime.  Most coming from the pissed off spoiled college children being led by paid radical protesters bussed in from other states.  Most of who are not now or ever registered to vote in a Presidential election.  These same people pissed off because they lost an election they did not vote in.  These same people, some celebrities and their mindless followers are taking to Twitter, no thanks to Trump, and using it as their prop to spew their vile hatred for people who actually voted in a legal election and won. I say no thanks to Trump because he fuels the flames with his own childish Twitter antics.  Not very presidential.

I tried following Trump for a week but just couldn’t continue.  I would cringe at the stupid things he would tweet out.  “Not very presidential” I would say to my wife.  So I un-followed him along with every other asshole that joined that hate movement against Trump supporters.  I did vote for Trump, but not because I like the guy.  I don’t like him at all but I had to choose between him and Hillary.  The choice was easy when I know the Clinton’s history.  Make no mistake, there are many Trump supporters that are showing their own bigotry.  I lump that bunch into the same category.  A bigot is a bigot. No matter what.

So now I’m dwelling on the idea of telling Twitter to piss off because most of the people I once followed and enjoyed are now turning into hateful bigoted assholes against people like me who simply voted in an election and our candidate won. Did I hate on my family members that voted for Obama?  Nope, but I was very vocal about his failures and the way he conducted himself in office and before he won.  I also criticized openly people who did vote for a man who bowed in the presence of his enemies and began his political campaign in the home of a couple planned the bombing of government buildings.  I pointed out everything I hated about the guy but you know what?  I voted in that election and I earned the right to be vocal about the man who changed my life for four years.

I lost my healthcare plan for my family because of Obama.  I could no longer afford to live a decent lifestyle that I had worked so hard for once he became our President.  I am now forced to pay out-of-pocket for my family’s healthcare and also pay a stiff penalty for not allowing the fed to forced me into a plan that I cannot afford.  I have plenty to be angry about.  Even though I cannot afford a government mandated healthcare plan I am still forced to pay for those who get their Obamacare for free.  That free healthcare comes from the penalty the IRS takes from my tax return every year.  I got news for you folks, there is nothing free about Obamacare.  Even if you are one of the very few that pays pennies on the dollar for your care, someone else like me pays for the rest along with paying the full cash cost for my own family.  I get no subsidies for being self insured, in fact it is illegal for me to pay out of pocket for my healthcare.  That’s why I pay the yearly fine.  Yes I choose to pay cash and choose not to be a part of a corrupt and broken system but I will not put my family in financial burden because Barrack Obama said it was for the public good.  I got news for you, I do not work for the public good, I work for my family.  I do not live in a damn village full of socialist thinking cry babies waiting for their handout.  I’m the proud American worker that holds his head high knowing that I do not rely on mommy government to take care of me or my family.

Sorry, this was not meant to be a post about healthcare.  It’s hard not to go there when bringing up liberals and Barrack Obama.

My whole point of today’s rant is  do I dump Twitter or tightly limit who I follow and allow to follow me?  Well for right now I have eliminated all but 2 of those haters which brings me down to following a mere 15 Twits.  It also drops my follower count down to a mere 173 at time of this posting.  Most of my followers are fellow photographers who are mostly liberals as are most folks in the artsy world.  That’s fine but at least they aren’t using their social media as a platform to push their political or religious propaganda.  I enjoy the arts and have a love of great photography but that doesn’t make me a liberal.  In the words of that black guy who got his drunk ass beaten by cops a while back, “Can’t we just all get along?”

So for now I guess I’ll dwell a few more days and see what happens on social media.

You too can follow me on Twitter if interested @J_Roycroft

Hope you all have a spectacular day and the happiest of holidays. Oh and a Merry Christmas to you as well. -JRoycroft

Fidel Castro Finally Dead

11/26/16 (updated 11/27/16 7:30pm)

Fidel Castro, Cuban Communist dictator murdering bastard is finally dead and soon to be food for worms.  Only problem is that Cuba will still be ruled by the Castro brothers and things aren’t likely to change much at all until they join Fidel, or if the young locals decide to mass a political movement to overtake the regime.

In reality the good people in Cuba will probably continue living on $24 per day with no internet and Cuba will continue to be a cesspool of despair.  The leftist media will help spew the Cuban propaganda and Colin Kaepernick will praise Castro for being a great leader of the Cuban people.  Barack Obama will probably join the Pope in the funeral ceremony.  Let’s see how that works out and if public opinion changes anything.  By the way Colin Kaepernick have you bought your ticket to the bastards funeral yet?

Please read this article written by Armondo Salguero of the Miami Herald who had a back and forth with Kaepernick about the Castro tee shirt he was wearing.  Mr Salguero knows very well the misery that lives under the Castro regime.  It’s a very good read.

And this tweet from one of our best local reporters would make a rather good head stone remark for Fidel:  Newnan, GA   “So, Fidel Castro died on Black Friday, the most capitalist day there is. How do you like them apples?”

Donald Trump elected President and Fidel Castro is finally dead.  Late President John F. Kennedy is probably looking down smiling right about now.  Yea, It’s gonna be a good day.


“Hamilton” Star Brandon Dixon is a very Special Kind of Stupid

A quick thought on this story about the “Hamilton” cast member, Brandon Dixon calling out and lecturing Vice President elect Michael Pence  after Fridays show ended.

Mr Dixon, who suffers from a very special kind of stupid, had every right to say whatever he wanted to Pence as does any other American.  He is an elected official and opened to scrutiny and opinion.  This is America and thats how we do things here.  Even if Dixon was rude and using his very Liberal New York audience as his cushion and support to tear into a Republican.  The only problem I have is how the media and the left is holding Dixon up on some kind of patriotic pedestal as if he is some sort of hero.

Here is a guy, an actor in a play about a famous person who hated the idea of pure Democracy and championed the idea of the Electoral College.  Dixon stood on his stage preaching diversity yet there was even a casting call which stated they were looking for non white actors to fill the roles.  So much for diversity.

The bottom line is that it takes a very special kind of stupid to stand up in front of your liberal friends and call out a newly elected Vice President and have no idea who your “Hamilton” play is about or what he represents to the United States of America.  Same goes for those hideously ignorant audience members that booed the Vice President Friday night. All of whom probably bitch and moan about how their beloved Hillary won the Popular Vote and how unfair the Electoral College is.  This is the mentality of the people that caused Hillary to lose and Trump to win practically every state.

The liberal left can take all the credit for this newly mapped Red America! -JRoycroft

Federalist No. 68:

Federalist No. 68 is the continuation of Hamilton’s analysis of the presidency, in this case concerned with the mode of selecting the United States President. He argues for our modern conception of the Electoral College, though in the case of an Electoral tie, the power would be given to the House of Representatives to vote on the election of the president.

In justifying the use of the Electoral College, Hamilton focuses on a few arguments dealing with the use of the Electoral College instead of direct election. First, in explaining the role of the general populace in the election of the president, Hamilton argues that the, “sense of the people”, through the election of the electors to the Electoral College, should be a part of the process. The final say, however, lies with the electors, who Hamilton notes are,

“Men most capable of analyzing the qualities adapted to the station and acting under circumstances favorable to deliberation, and to a judicious combination of all the reasons and inducements which were proper to govern their choice.”

Therefore, the direct election of the president is left up to those who have been selected by the voters to become the electors. This indirect election is justified by Hamilton because while a republic is still served, the system allows for only a certain type of person to be elected president, preventing individuals who are unfit for a variety of reasons to be in the position of chief executive of the country.

This is reflected in his later fears about the types of people who could potentially become president. He worries that corrupted individuals could, particularly those who are either more directly associated with a foreign state, or individuals who do not have the capacity to run the country. The former is covered by Article II, Section 1, v of the United States Constitution, while the latter is covered by Hamilton in Federalist 68, where he notes that the person who will become president will have to be a person who possesses the faculties necessary to be a president, stating that,

“Talents for low intrigue, and the little arts of popularity, may alone suffice to elevate a man to the first honors in a single State; but it will require other talents, and a different kind of merit, to establish him in the esteem and confidence of the whole Union, or of so considerable a portion of it as would be necessary to make him a successful candidate for the distinguished office of President of the United States”

Hamilton, while discussing the safeguards, is not concerned with the possibility of an unfit individual becoming president, instead he says,

It will not be too strong to say, that there will be a constant probability of seeing the station filled by characters pre-eminent for ability and virtue.

Jack Daniels or George Dickle?

Copyright 2016 © John Roycroft

Most Americans probably have a preferred choice of adult beverage, mine being Hendricks Gin, with a cucumber of course.  Recently wifey and myself have been sampling good old No7 Jack Daniels.  A fine Tennessee whiskey with quite a following and reputation among whiskey drinkers across Red America.  I say Red America because I just naturally assume that Blue Americans would lean towards wine or sparkling organic pablum.  Yesterday I decided to try something different so I grabbed a bottle of George Dickel No12.  After doing a side by side sampling, purely out of curiosity and thirst, I came to the immediate conclusion that in my humble novice opinion Mr Dickle ranks supreme over the better known Old No7.

So there you have it … A taste test of fine American whisk(e)y.

Why you ask? Because I was bored and thirsty.



Season of the Trump


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November 12, 2016

Donald J. Trump, elected President of the United States of America. Holy mother of God!!

I must admit that I predicted this would happen once I began realizing how huge Trump’s crowds were and also how many folks were either too afraid or embarrassed to admit to voting for the guy.

My first pick was the Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson. That is until I heard him make a complete fool of himself on more than one occasion. It didn’t take me long to figure out that he’s about as dumb as a bag of hammers.

Not being a Democrat, there was no way I could even consider Hillary to lead our country. Saying she is corrupt is being too kind. I’ll leave it at that. So my only other choice was to support the Republican nominee. I did, and kept my mouth shut about it until right now. ‘Tis the season of the Trump!

I have a neighbor friend who also voted for Trump. This friend was vocal about the choice and has been paying the price in a rather bad way… being called a bigot, racist and a variety of profane and vulgar references about voting Trump. This friend is in effect even being blamed for women being raped, blacks being murdered, and gays being denied civil rights simply because Trump was their choice. You’ve got to be a special kind of moron to go that far when you’ve lost. If any member of my family ever treated me the way this friend is being treated there would be a sudden end to that relationship. I would be ashamed and embarrassed to have relatives that ignorant and vile.

You’ve seen the protests and the backlash from the left over their corrupt Hillary losing. They are literally crying in the streets tonight demanding Trump step aside. These spoiled little brats, who have absolutely no idea what they are talking about, have no idea how our voting process works, and most certainly have never had a civics class, are acting a fool and destroying private property. They didn’t get their way so now they pitch their little tantrums like the spoiled little children they are.

Please tell me … If there are that many pissed off crying children protesting then how in the hell did Hillary lose? Could it be that they just didn’t vote? That’s my best guess especially since the entire national media had the world convinced Trump could never win. I mean after all, it’s no great secret that all the major mews outlets are another extension of the Federal Government anyways. They planned for Hillary to win and did everything in their power to get her into the White House. Of course thanks due in part to their complete ignorance, the media never saw the masses of angry, frustrated Americans that decided enough was enough. No jobs, no affordable health care choices, corrupt political officials, illegal aliens pouring in like busted sewer pipes, and our Liberties and Freedoms being taken away on a weekly basis. America said “No More, Damn it!!”

I’ve since begun referring to those idiot millennials as “moronials”. It fits a lot better. These are the little jerks that have been taught by college professors that winning is bad and it’s good to have mommy government bear her breasts so they can snuggle up and suck the life out of that welfare tit. God Bless America!

This is what our country has become and what I and so many others have been preaching for so long now. Political correctness is destroying the core of our country by raising adult children that have been coddled and protected into adulthood with no idea what it means to be responsible and independent. To hell with our Constitution. To hell with our Liberties and Freedoms. That’s pretty much the attitude of the left. Willing to give it all up for a path of least resistance.

These whiny little college children have been raised to believe that everyone gets a trophy for participation therefore they have no concept of what it means to lose. So their reaction to Hillary losing the election is mind blowing to them. It’s just not fair that they lost and Trump won. That’s just not faaaair! WaaaaWaaaaa!!

The good that comes from this historical election is the hard core life lesson these “moronials” are getting. These children are getting an in your face schooling on civics and what it actually means to face the reality of being told NO!

I have faith this will all blow over once the Electoral College casts their votes on December 19, and makes official the new POTUS.

Here’s a clue – We are not a pure Democracy. We are a Republic. Democracy = Mob Rule and therefore the Electoral College works to prevent those moronial mobs from winning.

By the way, you Trump maniacs that are jumping in on the hate bandwagon are no better. You do not represent my beliefs and most of America put you into the same category. Haters are haters no matter who you supported.

Is America great again?


Cops Killing Blacks

The events with the two recent cop related shootings has ignited Facebook with it’s usual amateurish armchair quarterbacking and ignorant comments that bring out ones true bigoted colors. By the way, I am no longer a member of the Facebook idiocy club. I left that community of morons long time ago. I’d say that about 95% of it’s members are as dumb as a bag of hammers and have a collective iq to that of a group of slop hogs.

When something big hits the news, suddenly those people you have friended or have friended you on Facebook turn into “experts” on everything. In reality they are just mindless ignorant fools with nothing meaningful or intelligent to back up their arguments. The current topic of discussion is all about how white racist cops are targeting and killing innocent blacks, should be killed.

Of course nobody will bring up the serious problem within the black community of black on black murders which has become an epidemic in America and is responsible for most gun related violence. Also known as the “Culture of Violence”.

I have but one response to those who go to social media spewing their bullshit… First of all you have no clue what the definition of being a racist is and couldn’t define the word if your ignorant lives depended on it. You cannot explain the differences between being racist, bigoted or prejudice.

You are ignorant of the facts of anything you speak of related to police officer shooting incidents.

Here are some facts from the United States Bureau of Justice:

WHITES = 62% of our nations population.

BLACKS = 13% of our nations population.

BLACKS = Charged with 62% of Robberies, 57% of Murders, and 47% of Assaults.

Cops killed nearly twice as many Whites as Blacks in 2015.

More Whites and Hispanics are killed by police officers than Blacks. Author Heather MacDonald makes a good point in her Hillsdale speech – “If we’re going to have a ‘Lives Matter’ anti-police movement, it would be more appropriately named “White and Hispanic Lives Matter.”

FBI Statistics show that 40% of cop killers are Black.

There have been over twice as many cops shot dead in just the first three months of 2016.

I could go on, and on with fact based statistics from the FBI, US Justice Dept and so on, but the truth doesn’t support the political agenda of Democrats and their mindless followers.

Finally, the “Black Lives Matter” organization is nothing more than a half assed domestic terrorist group with a huge black chip on it’s shoulders hell bent on disruption and creating a racially charged environment to push their bullshit political agenda.




Pulse Night Club Massacre

 It is the Democrat agenda to disarm law abiding citizens in the United States, yet story after story shows us that it is more common that these shooters are Democrats, not white redneck NRA gun toting conservatives like they and the media talking heads want so badly for you to believe.

Another cowardly Muslim with a gun attacks and murders over 50 innocent people because his father said he hated gays. Fits right into the radical Muslim handbook. It’s far easier, quicker and more convenient than tossing a gay person off a building I suppose. It’s also easier to attack “gun free” zones anytime you want maximum casualties. After all, that’s what the Democrats want, more gun free zones because they are so safe and effective against those crazed white NRA rednecks.

The reality  is that we know with certainty that this was a planned act of terrorism carried out by a lone assassin in the name of ISIS.

Now also know this Muslim coward was a legit U.S. citizen who was employed by the security firm G4S Secure Solutions USA Inc. since Sept. 10, 2007, and held a state and security firearms licenses which made him fully legal to purchase firearms.

“G4S supports the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection (CPB), with its operations at the U.S. ­ Mexico border and with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to transport illegal immigrants in selected urban areas,” the company says in a brochure, titled “Providing Manpower Solutions for Government Services.”

The ignorant gun control crowd in typical fashion has once again pointed the blame not on terrorism, a crazed gunman, but on the weapons used in this attack. Using gun control freaks logic, a homophobic AR-15 entered the Pulse and shot over 100 people.

If only one person had a concealed weapon in that club last night they could have stopped that crazed homophobic AR-15 and prevented many of those casualties.

I fear this is the beginning of a new cycle in America. ISIS is clearly here and has been all along. It’s just that some people are just too fucking ignorant to understand that. -JRoycroft



Gunman Identified As OMAR MIR SEDDIQUE MATEEN; Born To Afghan Parents...
Had Been Investigated by FBI...

Trump? or… Hamilton’s Rule?

I’ve found myself with a slight dilemma with this pathetic display of presidential candidates before me.

We have Hillary Clinton with a complete documented background of corruption, deceit, and a number of other legal issues that will follow the Clintons to their graves.

There’s Gary Johnson, who would be my fall back guy because of his libertarian views, but Gary comes across as a flake when speaking in public. Hard guy to support if I can’t even listen without feeling a little embarrassment for the guy.

Donald Trump. Where the hell do I start with this piece of work? Trump has stirred up more controversy in the shortest time than any former candidate that I can remember. This guy says all the things that blue-collar folks say over beers at the watering hole and what the white-collar crowd spews at the office water cooler. He apparently touches the emotions of the backwards white supremacy types. Paul Ryan even joined in on the notion that Trump is a racist. I’ve yet to hear anything racist come out of Trumps mouth. His recent comment about the judge that Ryan referred to was anything but racist. I would suggest that each one of these Trump haters get a dictionary and look up the word they love to toss about so much. “textbook case”? Really Mr Ryan? You’re smarter than that.

Right now I can say that Hillary is a no go for me. This woman continued to support that disgusting womanizer adulterer husband of hers by attacking and tried to destroy his accusers behind the scenes. The Clintons are a dangerous force to be reckoned with in a world of politics where they are willing to do anything to stop an opponent. As a President, she would make Obama look like a rookie liberal.

Clinton opposers are worried that she would be another Obama times two. I believe she would be far worse, but with one positive to look forward to…I doubt she will get a second term because her true colors will open up during her first two years and the Republicans will do everything in their power to make her term miserable. They want Hillary elected over Trump because they will then have a person they already know and can predict her decisions.

There’s this thing called the “Hamilton Rule.” This idea was named after Alexander Hamilton, who was willing to lose an election…“If we must have an enemy at the head of government,” Hamilton said in exasperation, “let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible.”

That my friends is my dilemma. Vote for Trump or completely pass on this election by not voting for anyone?

It’s a tough choice for me since I’ve never really been faced with this before. I’m not a Conservative, Republican and certainly not a modern-day Democrat, so what do I do?

I certainly will vote for someone, because not using my privilege to vote for anyone would put me in a position of giving my vote away to Hillary and Trump. I want to decide who gets my vote. Gary has no chance in this race, nor does Bernie, so unless something really crazy happens between now and election day I’ll just keep a close watch.

Trump? or… Hamilton’s rule?